Operation Éclairage was conducted in Westmount by the Montreal Police along with Westmount Public Security.The Westmount Walking and Cycling Association commends the positive attitude of the police in their discussions with cyclists.  The officers made it clear that their main concern was the safety of the cyclists – this ensured that the cyclists were engaged and receptive. In addition to the safety message, cyclists were given an SAAQ safe cycling booklet, their bikes were given a safety check (reflectors, etc.) and cyclists were offered free front and back lights, if they did not already have them.  A total of 186 lights (93 sets) were installed.  The bike lights were installed by officers on the spot – this was helpful because some cyclists were unsure about how to correctly install and operate the lights.  Many cyclists were also informed about the importance of obeying the Highway Safety Code and told that Operation Eclairage is part of an education campaign that will be followed by enforcement operations, which can result in a costly ticket and a loss of points on ones drivers licence. In addition to the immediate benefits, Operation Eclairage will have a safety multiplier effect because of peer pressure.  When a cyclist without a light passes a cyclist with a light at night, it reminds that cyclists that he is not being safe.

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