Cleaning Westmount’s bike path of snow is not a priority

The state of the Westmount portion of the de Maisonneuve bike path is dismal following a snow storm a week ago.  The path has snow plowed onto it from the sidewalks and roads.  Streets, sidewalks and lanes have been cleared but not the path. Westmount has decided to keep the path open for the winter on a trial basis but is putting this trial basis at risk. The following note written on Dec 17, 2010 is from a member of the WWCA concerning the cleaning of the path.  It could be called “A Tale of Two Cities”

The Westmount cycling path along deMaisonneuve east of Westmount Park was half in a passable state, half ploughed in with vehicular snow between Melville and Greene.   The usual margin of safety between traveling cars and myself did not exist because of the half ploughed in state of the winter cycling path.

The real nightmare was between Greene and Atwater whose cycling path was nearly completely ploughed in with vehicular snow and on top of that had enormous piles of obstructing snow laid right across the path in seven locations.   The idea of Safe Passage had been reduced to zero.

The de Maisonneuve path in Montreal had been ploughed clear of snow and somewhat salted and sanded.  It was in very good shape, not excellent, but very good.  This condition had existed since at least Tuesday evening when I remarked on its condition on returning from skiing on Mont Royal.

This state of affairs has continued even after the number of emails I sent to Councillors Ikeman, Samiotis, and Duncan, and Mayor Trent.   Only Councillor Ikeman had the courtesy to respond, albeit with less than encouraging news for winter cycling.

One response to “Cleaning Westmount’s bike path of snow is not a priority

  1. Perhaps they are deliberately allowing this trial to fail, so that they can say in future years “we tried, but it’s just not doable.”

    Is the physical barrier still there? If not, it is a still a bi-directional path on one side of the street?

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