Active transport includes walking

The Westmount Walking and Cycling Association has the following goals for improving the well-being of walkers:

.installation of a sound signal at traffic lights for a woman who is blind.

.repair of damaged pavement areas.

.lengthen the times allotted for walkers to cross the street at traffic lights.

.encourage the installation and use of diagonal crosswalks.


One response to “Active transport includes walking

  1. 1.Sound Sigmals at traffic lights for the blind:
    An excellent idea. But most sighted pedestrians will
    willingly volunteer to lead a blind person waiting to
    cross. The costs of installing sound signals would be

    2.Repair damaged pavements:
    This is an URGENT need.

    3.Lengthen time for crossing streets at traffic lights:
    This too is an URGENT need. The present timing of 10
    seconds was adopted with Olympic sprinters in mind.

    4.Diagonal crossing at junctions:
    An excellent idea.

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