Press Release- Founding of the Westmount Walking and Cycling Association (WWCA)

April 6, 2010

The interaction between pedestrians and cyclists is a key concern for municipalities wanting to promote walking and cycling, particularly when adding new infrastructure, like bike paths.  City officials seek holistic solutions that will favour harmonious interaction between pedestrians and cyclists since both groups share the common goal of wanting to improve the liveability of our community and our planet by walking or cycling, rather than driving their cars, to go to work, to school or to run errands.

Recognising that promoting walking and cycling will depend on holistic solutions, the Westmount Walking and Cycling Association has been founded by the board of the former Westmount Cycling Association and by residents concerned about walking issues. The new association will focus on the concerns of both groups.

Westmount’s ecological footprint is higher than the Canadian average, which is one of the highest in the world, and Westmount suffers from exceptionally high levels of air pollution due to its proximity to heavy vehicular traffic.  Walking and cycling are part of the long-term solution.

The Westmount Walking and Cycling Association was founded on April 5, 2010.  Please refer to the WWCA Mission Statement on our website.  The activities of the former Westmount Cycling Association will be folded into the new Westmount Walking and Cycling Association.




(Note that the former email address will continue to be active)

2 responses to “Press Release- Founding of the Westmount Walking and Cycling Association (WWCA)

  1. Mr Michel Labreque was director of Velo-Quebec for 15 years before his recent position as Chairman of the STM.

    I write to suggest that Westmount Cyclists Association request from Mr Labreque a *Trial Period* of relaxation of the present very strict and unreasonable STM Rules for Cyclists in the Metro.

    As a cyclist, what I find inconvenient and irksome about the present Rules are:

    1 restriction of cyclists to the first carraige only
    2 closure of the Metro to cyclists for a third of the short summer season weekends because of ‘festivals’.

    (1) when transfering at Berri to the Green Line, a cyclist has to elbow his way from the last to the first carraige through a crowded platform. Should he be in a hurry, there is the distinct possibility of an accident.

    There are not many cyclists in the Metro. They should be allowed in all carraiges. There should be ceiling racks for cyclists to hang their bikes (as in German and many European cities).

    (2) Most cyclists prefer riding in the open air. They are not lining up at every Metro station waiting to get in! Only a few take the Metro because they have great distances to cover or have had a puncture. For parades (like St Patrick’s Day), they miss much of the fun in the metro and prefer to ride in the parade.

    It is unfair to close the Metro to cyclists the whole weekend (!)because because festivals are localized and last only a few hours.

    A Trial Period of a couple of months will convince the STM that their present Rules are based on a groundless fear that cyclists will overwhelm the Metro! A relaxation of the present Rules will give a distinctly real meaning to the notice at metro stations:
    “Bienvenue aux Velos”. And do much to help make Montreal a truly Healthy City!


  2. I agree with Stephen Chin… In New York City, which is much bigger and busier than here, “Bicycles are permitted on Subway trains at all times.” See here:

    They do add a common sense qualifier: “However, we strongly recommend that cyclists avoid boarding crowded rush hour trains”. Duh. But if you get a flat, you still could. Why can’t Montreal run on common sense?

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