Press Release- Early Opening of Westmount Bike Path

Westmount has just opened its de Maisonneuve bike path almost one month ahead of schedule due to the clement weather.

The bike path is used daily by numerous people who have chosen to cycle to work or school rather and taking their car or public transport.  Despite its official closure over the past several months, the lack of snow has allowed many people to continue to ride much of the de Maisonneuve bike path for their daily commute.  In fact, since mid-January, the bike path has been snow covered for only 4 days.  However, during the winter, a section of the bike path between Atwater and Greene Ave reverts to car parking which poses a safety risk to cyclists.  Now that the parking has been removed, more people to take their bikes since Safe Passage is the key requirement for many people wishing to cycle.

The early opening of the bike path is consistent with Westmount’s sustainable development plans to promote cycling as one way of improving the liveability of the community, by reducing vehicle pollution and calming traffic.  Cycling is also one way residents can directly help limit the climate change emissions.  As part of its 2010 sustainable development priorities, Westmount plans to evaluate keeping the de Maisonneuve bike path open year-round.  In addition, Westmount plans to work towards the installation of Bixi stations, to start preparation of an Active Transportation (cycling and walking) Master Plan and to add more bike parking in key locations.

The Westmount Cycling Association is committed to helping the City to achieve these objectives.  The Association is also committed to helping improve safety on the de Maisonneuve bike path for cyclists, residents and motorists as well as helping promote cycling in Westmount.

Westmount Cycling Association

March 22, 2010

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